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Welcome to our

Made to order studio designs.

Here you will find some of our over 600 designs you can customize just for you.

You can order any of our Studio Designs with or without center or side gems. You can select them in 14k white, 14k yellow, 18k yellow or in platinum. and now in 14k rose gold.  You can even set your own diamonds and gemstones in our mounts.  Ordering one of our designs usually only takes 14 working days. 

Creating one of our Studio Design

Here's how it works:   


 - Find the design and style number you like.  


 - Choose your center diamond or call for the current price.


- Add this diamond price to the price of our studio design. all price are for 14k gold


-The process of making a studio design takes approximately 14 working days. 


 -Using your own gemstones in our designs is always welcome for an additional charge.


-We warranty only the diamonds we sell.  For the client's personal gemstones, we recommend insuring your jewelry thorough "Jewelers Mutual".

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1 Engagement rings.jpg
1 Halo rings.jpg
Diamond Earrings.jpg
diamond Pendants.jpg
Colored stone rings.jpg
Colored Stone Pendants.jpg
colored Stone Earrings.jpg

We have created one of the largest selections of unique and contemporary designs of fine jewelers found in Oregon.  All made right here by Victor and Teresa Rahim. We offer over 600 designs to choose f.rom. Created all in our store.

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