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Jewelry Repair 

We have repaired thousands of pieces of jewelry, both for our customers and in the past for many of Eugene's finer jewelry stores.  All repairs are done on our premises by Victor, most repairs can be done within 5-14 days.  Victor has truly done some of the best jewelry repairs around. 


when repairing you're fine jewelry you just want someone you trust. because not all jewelry is the same, we need to see what needs to be done before we can give you a quote on how much or even if it is can be repaired 

Repairing a worn ring

Rings wear out over time and need to be repaired. Beyond simply cleaning and polishing. You should have your jewelry check every 6 months to ensure everything is safe and looking its best.


Ring Sizing Down

Sizing a ring down is similar to sizing up. When a ring is made smaller, the jeweler must cut out the appropriate amount of metal from the bottom of the ring shank and then join and solder the piece back together.        Sizing 14k down $45

Ring Sizing Up

When sizing a ring up, a new piece of metal must be added. This will require the new piece to be soldered to the existing one, and it is very important to get a perfect bond.  As a result, we achieve the perfect bond without leaving any visible soldering lines. Because we are adding gold the price varies by how many sizes it will go up and how wide the ring is. Starting at $50

Rhodium Plating

All white gold comes from 24k yellow gold, so its only natural to see a little yellow tinge over time. Rhodium plating is placed over 14k white gold to give it that ultra-white color


Chain Repair


Chain repair: 

When the chain itself breaks. 

$25 per break.

additional for hollow link chain


Clasp replacement: 

14k gold price varies on size and style.

Tips vs Prongs
Prog vs Tip.jpg

Repairs have a 90-day warranty on the area worked on.

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